Power Trowels finish, Exposed Aggregates, Stamped Concrete, Colored Concrete & Broom finish

YourName.Construction Ltd provides professional services at a fixed price, promises to deliver on schedule and surpasses client’s expectations. Our team of construction contractors complete all sort of construction projects utilizing next-gen equipment. We are an amazing team of professionals dedicated to complete the projects in the stipulated time.

Our Comprehensive Range Of Other Services Include


Power Trowels Finish

Power trowels are most regularly used to smooth huge solid pieces when a hand finish isn’t attainable. Our power trowels look like mechanical fans with the cutting edges sitting straightforwardly against the solid surface. Our power trowels can be utilized to get the chunk to a hard and with a level completion.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate can be contrasted with a bit of rock or marble in the inside of your home that has been cleaned. In concrete, the regular and natural magnificence can be found as a brightening total. Our exposed aggregates are finished by uncovering the highest points of the stone, while the rest remains forever implanted in the solid.


Stamped Concrete

Our stamped concretes are a well-known alternative to change solid surfaces as it can recreate surfaces of stone, for example, record, flagstone, tile, and block. There are a ton of steps associated with stepping concrete, and just a short window of time where to complete them before the material solidifies.

Broom Finishing and Colored Concrete

YourName.Construction Ltd offers broom finishing services, a solid method used to make a slip safe surface. It isn’t just practical yet can likewise be a type of craftsmanship. Ornamental impacts can be made into the solid by running the sweeper surface in different ways. Our colored concrete adds hues to customary dark concrete base blend or recolored by the compound application. This method permits finishers to accomplish a scope of earth conditioned hues.


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